Not Fungible tokens

Unique collectible tokens with earnings linked to partner projects

Skin NFTs

Get Skins NFT on Opensea and receive all revenues of related characters purchased in the Wallem game by the players. The skins exist in the Wallem game as in-app purchases for the players to accessorize their character in the game, some characters are required by players to be able to access specific events. All earnings resulting from skins in-app purchases related to your NFT will be shared among the Skin NFT holders. Not all characters in Wallem have their own NFTS, and each of these is limited in quantity.

Landlord NFTs

Buy a Wallem Landlord NFT to earn a monthly revenue from each Wallem event taking place in the land of your NFT. 20% of the revenues from participation fees of events taking place on the specific geographic area of your NFT will be shared between this land’s NFT holders. Payment to NFT owners takes place every 30 days and is managed by a smartcontract. The tokens received may vary from Wallem's partners.

Rarity of Wallem's NFTs

There are four type of rarities depending on the number of pieces created. The rarest NFT receives the largest revenue share. Rarity is applied to both Skins and Landords NFTs.
  • RARE: from 15 to 20 pieces
  • VERY RARE: from 10 to 14 pieces
  • EPIC: from 2 to 9 pieces
  • UNIQUE: 1 unique piece

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Wallem was the first project granted by the Pteria DAO
for the use of the Pteria Token in its ecosystem as the game official currency.

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