Wallem is a mobile game that exists in the virtual and real world through augmented reality.
User Perspective:
Users move around the 3D map to play by collecting a specific number of 3D objects in Augmented Reality while competing with each other to earn rewards.
Business Perspective:
Wallem’s main objective is to advertise and promote businesses while rewarding users and driving them to the brand’s website or physically to any location required by the brand. Wallem guarantees customer engagement.

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The Wallem logo is a universal signature used in all of our communications. We want it to be immediately recognizable; for this reason, consistency is important and the logo should not be modified, changed, distorted, colored differently or reconfigured.

Area of respect

Make sure the spacing between the elements is correct.

Logo Application and Colors

The color of the logo has to be black or white. We have a palette of colors we use in our designs as part of our company identity, below are the color codes.

Black applications

White applications

Color palette applications


Use our icon when referring to our Wallem Application.


Brand imagery

Through our designs, we make sure to tell our users a story:
1. We tell imaginary stories that seem real and true;
2. We highlight our product, Wallem, through the story and an experience lived by people;
3. We connect with our audience;
4. We enhance the user experience by using visual graphics that are impactful and at the same time fun.