Turnkey AR mobile App branded with your logo

Maximize your Customers engagement in ways never before seen: your Brand become the structural part of the whole experience.
Players can live the well-known Pokemon-Go experience by collecting virtual elements spread around them. Allow users to access discounts or rewards while interacting with your Brand.

Wallem is supported by Top influencers, first of all the YouTuber Pewdiepie with 107M followers.

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Events by worldwide Brands

Dozens of monthly events organised by Wallem and its Partners allow users to get their favorite products.
Collecting Event

Join the event, catch Brand Points faster than other players, and buy amazing products.

Harvesting Events

Catch Bitcoins, Ethereum and any Erc20 Digital Goods in Wallem events: what you catch is what you keep.

Equal opportunities for everybody

Events are created around the users, independently from their location.
All around

It doesn't matter where users are based: events are created around every player's device, so from Manhattan to Sahara the possibility is equal for all users.

No time wasting

Prizes are limited, only the fastest win. But not all is lost: all other players can access special discounts relating to the prize up for grabs.

Easy to use professional Wallet

Every user has his own own wallet to keep and transfer their Digital Goods using only the phone number.
Brand Points

Collect and securely store captured Brand Points, check your balance and use them at the right time.

Digital Goods

Top Up and withdraw your Digital Goods with Wallem. Get and transfer Btc, Eth and ERC20 it has never been easier.

Discover the Wallem Early Access!
The exclusive Program dedicated to its most passionate users. The chosen users will be able to access exclusive events designed specifically for Early Access, plus the chance to earn Pteria Tokens outside the App, therefore real $.
Discover the Program
Wallem: the new frontier of e-commerce and promotion.

Three easy steps:

  • 1

    Choose the event you want to take part in and join for free or by using Pteria token.

  • 2

    Use your phone to collect in augmented reality Brands Coins and Digital Goods.

  • 3

    Having been one of the fastest you can immediately redeem your product.

Download Wallem

Join the Wallem community by downloading the App,
take part in unlimited events and get your products.

Promote your brand within Wallem events

Business partners, through a dedicated Back-Office, can create their own events and make them available to the entire Wallem community.
Easy to Use

A top level campaign administration panel that allows Brands to easily create - and control - their events.

Maximum Engagement

Users experience the event as an opportunity and not as advertising. Thus providing better brand exposure for Wallem partners.

Specific Target Selection

Profile the target who participates in the event based on Country, language and gender thus maximising the ROI.

Woo people to Locations

Create a geo-localizated event and use Wallem as a tool to attract people to a physical location for events, concerts, store openings and much more.

Promotion and Profit

Marketing becomes a profitable exercise in terms of customers and economics through the creation of events that provide a profit to the Business itself.

Token creation

Each company can create its own branded digital goods in a few clicks and promote it throughout the Wallem Community.

''Wallem is a fully packed practical tool of premium built and design. Is great for promote Brands looking for a specific customers market.''
Sara Grant Marketing Manager ADVforReal
''With plentiful of futures Wallem simplify the way to promote your business. One of the fastest multi-purpose themes available on the market.''
Charlie Tango The Munchies Agency
''Wallem is a fully packed practical tool of premium built and design. Thus is great for rising undefined businesses looking for a specific customers market.''
Amelia Tomasicchio CEO of The Cryptonomist

``Brand Gamification`` is the new frontier of marketing. An extraordinary lever for customer acquisition and loyalty

Increasing Customer Desire


Increasing Brand Awareness


Increasing Customer Acquisition


Create your events in a few clicks and reach your customers in an instant

Choose your Target Users and Promote your Business.

Spread your Brand and your Products around the Players in Augmented Reality

With the power of AR the possibilities are endless.

Track your campaigns in real-time with constant updates on player behaviour

The Admin Panel is equipped with a sophisticated analytics system.

Work together to create a truly unique and unforgettable experience

Wallem's project is constantly evolving by offering new opportunities to our partners. From ``treasure hunting`` to ``capture the flag`` we have customised our Partners' events depending on their needs. We believe that marketing is not just ADV, but should be a fun experience for both the Customer and the Company.

We love walking on unexplored roads: by becoming our partner you'll be by our side as a pioneer of a new way of doing marketing.


Wallem's mission is to create a revolutionary digital marketing tool in order to promote Brands by making them part of the experience.


Providing fun is the only way to get Customer attention: Wallem is pure joy for its players while simultaneously creating a fresh marketing flow.


We love Life. For this reason we very carefully choose our Partners and make sure they are in line with our values.

Wallem empowers your business

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