JOHAN The First Virtual Box Fighting + NFT auction VS MICHHAN THE MATCH The biggest virtual fight of the century JOHANN REPTIL Go on Wallem, choose your favorite boxer and punch your opponent until you smash his face. 24 June, 16:30 - 17:00 Only on Wallem MICHHAM TOONS VS FIGHT FOR
Win the tournament, take your boxer to the next competition and take part of the lottery to win valuable prizes. The big lottery The next challenge Partecipate all together into the massive fighting- The winning team will be part of: Don’t miss your chance to assist in the first virtual boxing event!
BUY ON OPENSEA Earnings are distributed on the 28th of each month to the wallet of the Wallem Boxer NFT holders. The NFT may gain value and be sold at any time in the NFT marketplace. Choose your favorite boxer and own his NFT: NFTs Auction ends 1 hour after the fight It’s an in-game NFT boxer character that will earn its holders 20% from the fees of Wallem events running when using the boxer character, FOR LIFE! Check the Wallem Boxer NFT collection. ON SALE NOW The Wallem Boxer NFT is minted in 20 pieces. Only 10 will be for sale in the marketplace.