What is the Crypto United event?

The Crypto United Grand Prix is composed by 10 events giving the opportunity to everyone to meet amazing cryptocurrency and to the best users, to participate in the grand final, a worldwide event that gives half of the cryptos collected to charity. Rank in the top 20 players who collect 250 AR tokens representing the crypto partner for a specific event and get the exclusive entry ticket to the Final of the Crypto United Grand Prix.
The final of the Crypto Unite Grand Prix, will take place in spring 2021* and during it $500,000* will be given away in several cryptocurrencies to 200 users who will obtain the ``Crypto United Ticket``. Sign up for one of the participation events and try to get the ticket to this incredible event. Remember that you will only need to win one ticket, more than one is useless.

* This is the amount Wallem gives itself as a total goal for the event, collaborating with 10 different companies, so it can be also more. If this total amount will not be reached, the event will be postponed or the amount given will be inferior.

How to obtain the ticket


The participation is open to everyone. Just download the Wallem app on your iOS
or Android device and join one of the Crypto Unite related events in collaboration with different crypto companies.
In fact, there will be several events throughout which you will be able to obtain your ticket, catching brand points.
The first 200 users – 20 per event – that will collect these points (not real cryptos) will receive a ticket for the final event.

The first ones are in collaboration with PieDAO and pNetwork.

Crypto Unite and Charity

The Crypto United Event 2021 is also charitable:
half of all crypto assets collected will go to charities which we will announce before the grand final.

Events to qualify for the Grand Prix

Wall at one of the Crypto events below. Only 20 people per event will have the opportunity to win the Grand Prix entry ticket. be fast!