The biggest CATGE airdrop ever

1.5 trillion CATGE have been spread all over the world, catch as many as you can. If necessary, scratch Elon Musk, enter his house and steal the CATGE spread in his living room.
Get what you catch

There is no limit to the CATGE you can collect, what you catch in Augmented Reality will be deposited into your wallet.


It doesn't matter where users are based: event is created around every player's device, so the possibility to catch CATGE is equal for all users.

The Event

Take part of the action

  • 1
    Download Wallem

  • 2
    Join CATGE event

  • 3
    Catch min $10 value

  • 4
    Claim your CATGE


Claim your CATGE

Have you caught CATGE for a minimum of $10 value? Get them now into your BEP20 wallet. Warning: ONLY BEP20 wallet!