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Dozens of monthly events organised by Wallem and its partners allow players to get their favorite products using an extremely innovative Augmented Reality system.
Events are created around every player’s device: from Manhattan to Sahara the opportunity is equal for all users.

Wallem is supported by Top influencers, first of all the YouTuber Pewdiepie with 107M followers.

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Events by worldwide Brands

Dozens of monthly events organised by Wallem and its Partners allow users to get their favorite products.
Collecting Event

Join the event, catch Brand Points faster than other players, and buy amazing products.

Harvesting Events

Catch Bitcoins, Ethereum and any Erc20 Digital Goods in Wallem events: what you catch is what you keep.

Equal opportunities for everybody

Events are created around the users, independently from their location.
All around

It doesn't matter where users are based: events are created around every player's device, so from Manhattan to Sahara the possibility is equal for all users.

No time wasting

Prizes are limited, only the fastest win. But not all is lost: all other players can access special discounts relating to the prize up for grabs.

Easy to use professional Wallet

Every user has his own own wallet to keep and transfer their Digital Goods using only the phone number.
Brand Points

Collect and securely store captured Brand Points, check your balance and use them at the right time.

Digital Goods

Top Up and withdraw your Digital Goods with Wallem. Get and transfer Btc, Eth and ERC20 it has never been easier.

Discover the Wallem Early Access!
The exclusive Program dedicated to its most passionate users. The chosen users will be able to access exclusive events designed specifically for Early Access, plus the chance to earn Pteria Tokens outside the App, therefore real $.
Discover the Program
Wallem: the new frontier of e-commerce and promotion.

Three easy steps:

  • 1

    Choose the event you want to take part in and join for free or by using Pteria token.

  • 2

    Use your phone to collect in augmented reality Brands Coins and Digital Goods.

  • 3

    Having been one of the fastest you can immediately redeem your product.

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